Explainer + FAQs

Vaults are one of the most exciting products offered by Yearn. We're here to help get you started.

What are YEARN Vaults?

Vaults = one asset in and one asset out.

If you deposit $yCRV, you will get $yCRV back.

If you deposit $LINK, you will get $LINK back.

Each vault follows a unique strategy that's designed to maximize the yield of the deposited asset and minimize risk.

Using a YEARN VAULT is like having access to the most advanced money manager in the world.

To check the latest APY visit:

To view the latest strategies:

I've deposited into the vault. Why aren't my rewards showing up?

When you deposit a cryptocurrency into the vault, you get back the yAsset. The yAsset is worth more than the cryptocurrency, meaning it's not a 1:1 ratio. The current UI will show your balance of the yAsset.

When you withdrawal you will receive more of the cryptocurrency you put in depending on current strategies and time in the vault.

Example: You deposit 100 $USDC into the vault and receive back 95 $yUSDC. Your balance is now 95 $yUSDC. After three months you withdrawal the 95 $yUSDC and get back 120 $USDC.

It's expected that future iterations of the UI will show balance updates and earnings.

How can I check the current APY of the vault?

This is changing frequently and we are looking at providing a tool here or the best possible answer. The official @iearnfinance twitter account regularly updates with this information.

When can I make a withdrawal?

Your funds are your funds. You are free to make a withdrawal at (almost) any time. There is a 0.5% fee charged at withdrawal. This fee is pooled and distributed to $YFI token holders staking in the governance protocol. To maximize your returns it's best to take this into account before withdrawing.

Almost any time?

In certain cases with more volatile assets such as $LINK, the debt can increase beyond the number of $LINK deposited. If this occurs, then a portion of the $LINK will be impermanently locked. Impermanent is a fancy way to say temporarily. If / when the strategy begins to outperform the debt, the $LINK will be unlocked and you can withdraw in full.

If you are new to cryptocurrency and Yearn Finance, then we recommend starting with a stablecoin like $USDC.

How do I get my $CRV?

When LearnYearn confirmed the VAULT would be earning $CRV, we mistakenly wrote that LP's would be earning them directly as well.

Vaults = one asset in and one asset out.

If you deposit $yCRV, you will get $yCRV back.

If you deposit $LINK, you will get $LINK back.

Again - it is unclear if you provided yCRV to the vault whether you will get $CRV tokens. It is a governance issue and you need $YFI to vote.