Use Yearn

Interfaces that allow you to interact with and use Yearn products.

The trusted interface for all Yearn products such as Vaults, Earn, Zap, Cover, and Yearn Governance.

A secondary interface for interacting with Yearn Governance.

This vault accepts CRV in exchange for perpetual claim on Curve DAO admin fees across all Yearn products. Since it locks CRV in Curve Voting Escrow for 4 years and regularly prolongs the lock, this vault doesn't have withdrawal functionality. You will not get your CRV back. Ever.


A DeFi dashboard that lets you interact with Yearn Vaults and stake in Yearn Governance.

Add Yearn

With the click of a button, easily add YFI and yUSD to Metamask.


Zap multiple stablecoins into the yUSD Vault.