How can I yield farm or earn $YFI?

At this time no more $YFI is going to be minted meaning total supply is capped at the 30,000 already in circulation.

Currently a few of the top research firms are working on proposals, but it's unclear whether these will be passed and / or implemented. It's possible that no more $YFI will ever be minted and protocol fees will be used to fund security audits and other operations.

Do I need to buy a whole $YFI?

Nope! Any amount of $YFI makes you eligible for governance and distributions. A full 1.0 $YFI is not required.

Where can I buy $YFI?

The easiest way to purchase $YFI is through a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or 1inch! If you trade from Ethereum into $YFI there will be minimal slippage and you'll get the best price.

What does "test in prod" mean?

Testing in prod refers to testing in production. It means Andre is shipping new products like Vaults before they go through adequate testing and security audits. By "testing in prod" YEARN is relying on the community to help and contribute to improvements.