Frequently asked questions in the Yearn ecosystem.

The Learn Yearn FAQ is a shortened and modified version of this FAQ.

Yearn AMAs

Is it safe to invest money in Yearn?

  • Please do your own research and decide for yourself.

Is Yearn audited?

  • Yes, you can find the list of audits here.

Where can I get YFI?

  • YFI is available on many markets including centralized and decentralized exchanges.

What are yTokens? (e.g. yUSD or yDAI)

  • yTokens are like a deposit receipt. They represent the liquidity provided in a Yearn product. For example, if you deposit DAI in y.curve.fi you will receive yDAI in return. yTokens are ERC20, meaning they can be transferred and traded as any other common Ethereum token.

Is Andre Cronje in charge of Yearn?

  • Andre isn't in charge of Yearn, the YFI token holders make the decisions on how to govern Yearn, Andre is one of the developers in the Yearn ecosystem.

Does anyone get paid for working on Yearn?

  • Yes. Yearn has a core team that receives recurring payments. Grants are also distributed to valuable contributors in a monthly basis. For instance, see the September Grants Announcement.