Yearn sponsored hackathons.

So far, Yearn has sponsored one hackathon with many more to come. If you're looking to get notified for the next event: Follow Yearn on Twitter and subscribe to the Yearn Newsletter.

ETHOnline 2020

ETHOnline was a virtual hackathon that ran from October 2 - October 30, 2020. On October 1, a few Yearn developers hosted a Yearn Strats 101 workshop:

After a month of building, two winners emerged in the Yearn category:

🥇 Yearn Hegic: 2,500 yUSD

  • This strategy takes care of gathering 888k Hegic tokens which are used to buy a Hegic lot.

    All fees generated by Hegic are distributed across their lot owners. The strategy takes care of claiming ETH from Hegic and uses Uniswap to exchange profits for more Hegic. Project link.

.🥈 Tokenlog: 1,500 yUSD

  • Tokenlog is a new governance tool to create token-weighted backlogs. It allows projects to continuously gather feedback from their token holders in order to help plan and prioritize their work.​ It allows token holders to actively signal which items matter to them rather than just vote on single proposals. Project link.